Celebrating 50 Years of the UAE with Exclusive Audi RS models
Audi UAE 50 Year range

United by progress.

Celebrating five decades of future shaping, visionary leadership and extraordinary achievements. Celebrating UAE with 1 of 50, Audi RS6, RS7 and RSQ8 exclusive, limited edition signature models. Reserved for the extraordinary.

Decades in the making.

Celebrate progress with an unmistakable RS black and red interior with intricate 50 years stitching and personalized Audi exclusive 50 years door sill trims. Each model wears the 50 years badge and its unique edition number on its rear side windows as well as within the entry lights for all doors.

Reserved for the visionaries.

This year, we celebrate the visionaries. Those who shape our future. Those who captured our spirit. Those who united us through our passion for progress. Explore our limited UAE 50 year edition model range below.

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